Vehicle Wraps

What you Need to Know from EP

There are many variations of “vehicle wraps” out there. From vehicle decals & window perforations to partial or full wraps. We offer something for every budget out there, and can help you advertise your business.

We are the manufacturer. We design, print, & install. Yes… we do it all.

How are vehicle wraps priced?

Pricing Chart

Square Footage of course! We price our wraps based on the square footage of the print area. Which is why you see price variations from partial to full wraps from Compact vehicles to trucks & cargo vans & large trailers.

Our sign technicians (Certified 3M Installers) also take into account the difficulty or (contours & concaves) of the vehicle.

Some vehicles take more time to install the wrap due to contours of the vehicle body. This is also taken into consideration when quoting.

Vehicle Wrap Materials used?

Just incase you didn’t know…. there are many kinds of different wrapping material we can use for your vehicle. All of which affects the cost.

There are different brands as well as different kinds of wrapping materials.

We use the most trusted brand name premium wrapping materials “3M & Avery”

What about Covering the Vehicle Windows? Is it Legal!?!


We use Vinyl Perforated material on vehicle windows which allows the driver to see out of the vehicle, 100% SAFE & LEGAL!

Window perforations is a very cost effective way to advertise your business.

Vehicle Price Range chart:

We want to speak to you about your wrapping needs. Call us at 905-682-6601 or email your questions! One of our professionals will contact you directly.

Econoprint Vehicle Wrap Pricing