Econoprint Sign Hero

Econoprint is Niagara’s premier full service sign company operating across a broad spectrum of sectors ranging from retail, marketing, architectural to construction. Our team believes that successful businesses are a result of hard work, dedication, vision and above all passion. We not only contribute to your success by making your vision a reality but also provide quality that is a class apart.

The right design can enhance the message communicated through your sign. Whether you are developing a banner, a poster, or a hoarding, every medium has its own aesthetics that are important to the message which needs to be communicated.

Our state of the art digital technology can produce large format graphics suitable across various mediums and application. Our capabilities meet the demands and quality requirements of all kinds of signs. Some of the common material resources we use are plywood (crezon), aluminum, coroplast, PVC, acrylic, foam board, vinyl, and magnetic, to name just a few.

Apart from designing and manufacturing your sign, we also do sign installation. No job is too big or too small for our professional installation team.


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